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Xi: Show respect for health staff
President Xi Jinping calls for greater understanding for medical workers, to help create an atmosphere that respects doctors and acknowledges their importance.
CPC leaders hear reports on defective vaccine investigation
Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council has held several meetings and sent investigation teams to probe the case.
China promises new measures to boost private investment for steady growth
The meeting decided on a host of measures to further facilitate private investment and boost the sound development of the private sector.
China to further open A-share market to foreigners
The range of foreigners entitled to enjoy equity incentives is set to expand from foreign staff working in China to all foreign employees in A-share listed companies.
China asks the world to help name moon rover of Chang’e-4 lunar probe
China launched a campaign to pick a name for the Chang’e-4 lunar probe moon rover, which will be sent to the moon this December.
China-made mobile phones gain popularity in Russia
Chinese mobile phones are gaining popularity in Russia due to their high quality, reasonable prices, fashionable appearance and innovative design.
What's Qixi Festival?How people spend Chinese Valentine's Day in Beijing.
Flowers, dinners, rings, chocolates, movies, luxurious hotel rooms? We ask people living in Beijing how they will celebrate the romantic occasion.

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